Best Diablo 3 Class

The Best Class for Diablo 3?

With so little data regarding the beta being leaked, it’s hard to put your finger directly onto the best class.  But with a little educated guessing, we can do a lot with a little.  Even then, it depends on what you want to be the best at.  Do you want the best Diablo 3 PVP class?  The best Diablo 3 PVE class?  Well, let’s assume that you’re here to make some money, and let’s go over the best PVE class.  Here, we can speculate smoothly with PVE, basing information from other games, gameplay videos, and hearsay.  Considering that Blizzard isn’t attempting to make Diablo 3 PVP into an e-sport, and VERY little data has been released regarding PVP, that will have to wait for another day.  Being the best is dependent on a few factors, and with the advent of beta Q3 2011, more information should be forthcoming soon.

What is your normal ping to Blizzard’s servers?

Some people are lucky, and live in areas with fiber optics, or high speed cable or DSL lines. Others aren’t quite as fortunate, with sattelite, mobile broadband, or even dial-up being their only options.

With a high ping (175 or above), you may find yourself wishing you were a high survivability class rather than a glass cannon class. Even if you lag for a short while, you won’t die easily.

With a low ping (125 or below), you can take full advantage of a classes damage dealing capability. Low survivability isn’t an issue, because everything that wants to hurt you will be dead.

While some people become used to having high ping, and can accurately estimate where monsters actually are on the server as opposed to where they appear on your computer (known as interp, or desynchronization, when a monster/player isn’t actually where they seem to be.)  You might think that regardless of your ping you should play a “Glass Cannon” build, but the amount of time you spend dead may end up rendering that damage potential useless.

Imagine the hunter in your World of Warcraft guild who always pulls aggro on the boss and ends up dead.  Wiping the raid/group sometimes, making everyone else waste their time as well.  Not really too helpful, is it?

Can your computer run Diablo 3 smoothly?

The Diablo 3 requirements have not been released by Blizzard yet.  Despite this, it is theorized by many that the Diablo 3 system requirements will be slightly higher than Starcraft 2′s, which can be found here.

Depending on your class and build, it could matter more or less. Imagine if you get frame lag (FPS) while trying to avoid a bosses attack. That never ends well.   If you intend to play hardcore, there’s no reason to have any frame lag at all.  Why risk your character in a way you have no control over?

With a low framerate (20 or below), it’s probably better not to be in the thick of things. Consider a ranged class over a melee one. That way, you can see problems before they arrive.

With a high framerate (30 or above), you want to have a mobile class. Something that can get somewhere, kill monsters, and move on. A class with a blink/teleport/roll is ideal. Speed becomes key when there are no other limiting factors. This applies to ping, as well.

To compare to Diablo 2, where item drops were not instanced, frame lag could cost you real money.  Everyone in the game would run over to the loot while you struggle with a stuttering, dated computer.  Imagine, Ber drops at the beginning of the ladder season.  You just missed out on $60.

Which class looks the most fun?

While not always the most efficient, but having fun in a game is a reward of its own, not unlike purples and gold. Too often people pick a class that their friends aren’t playing, or that the guild needs. It can often ruin your enjoyment of the game entirely. Watch the gameplay videos of the classes, see which you might enjoy.  Here are the Diablo 3 class list, and corresponding gameplay videos.

Diablo 3 Barbarian Gameplay Video HD

The Barbarian in Diablo 2 is almost always in the thick of things.  A full suit of heavy armor, a massive weapon in one or both hands, dealing death wherever he goes.  While damage and survivability is high, you have to account for speed.  Without the teleport of the Sorceress, or the ranged attack of the amazon, the loot potential:time ratio isn’t great.

What made the Barbarian so much fun in Diablo 2 wasn’t just that he was the first man in while his whirlwind.  It wasn’t just that he could triple his allies health, quintuple their armor, and give them +1 to skills.  It was a culmination of those things, and just general badassery.  Barbarians were also the best gold finding class, with two ali-babas, you could sustain your gambling addiction, your shopping addiction, and have millions of gold to spare.

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Gameplay Video HD

Compared to the Amazon and Assassin by many, with her ranged crossbows or bows, utility abilities, and massive damage output; a very viable choice.  The only limiting factor in Diablo 2 is their limited mobility.  They can damage mobs farther than you can see, but running around to pick up the items afterwards soon becomes a chore.

Diablo 3 Monk Gameplay Video HD

Often seen as the Druid and Paladin returned, this class has the same flaws and benefits as the Barbarian.  With limited range, limited movement, but high survivability and damage output, most melee/semi-melee classes remain behind in terms of the loot potential:time ratio.

Diablo 3 Wizard Gameplay Video HD

The Wizard.  Is anyone truly surprised when compared to the Sorceress?  With enough potential to crush even the hardiest of foes, she remains the most powerful of classes in the scope of loot potential:time.  With high mobility, high damage output, and low survivability, she is the veritable “Glass Cannon” of the Diablo world.  Likely to remain in the high framerate, good ping tier.

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Gameplay Video HD

Hailed as the new Necromancer, this remains the go-to class for people with bad framerates, bad pings, or both.  With minions to do your bidding, all you really have to do is stand back and collect the loot.  Luckily, he also has many other abilities to augment this, and remains a potent ranged damage dealer.


Watch the gameplay videos, decide if your internet connection and computer are up to par, and decide which you prefer. Of course, as more details surface during beta we’ll bring you the most powerful Diablo 3 PVP class (what fun is money without a way to use it), and the best Diablo 3 PVE class; based on actual ability power, scaling, and more.

While others look to ruin our gains, we seek only to profit.

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